Based on Community

The goyib token was born from a community, not an enterprise. We believe in the power of community that brings together people with the same passion. That is, we want to see the future of blockchain and the meta universe become a part of our lives.

Universe Micro Game

In the universe micro game platform, we can all feel the excitement of gathering together in the virtual world and playing games casually or professionally, betting football games, win to earn, play to earn.


NFT Marketplace, item, character, betting platform, card, sell and rent virtual land, sell and rent virtual property in one safe, convenient and easy platform.

Goyib Token

Our Tokenomic








Grant Capital

  • Create Token on BEP20
  • Some Basic MPV on mini pool competition on discord
  • NFT Minting platform
  • NFT Marketplace Platform
  • Based on Project Fundraising Platform
  • NFT Meta Sport Universe Items
  • Create Social media Channels
  • Design user Interface and system architecture of platform
  • Integrated Onfido KYC
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Listing on Pancake Swap
  • Begin first years of Staking Program
  • Grow Goyib Community
  • Commerce testing platform
  • Gaming License
  • Listing on top 100 Exchange
  • Listing on Top 10 Exchange
  • Complete web version
  • Complete Android wallet version
2022 To The Mars
  • Release V1 of Smart Pool Mini Competition platform
  • Grow users
  • Open up partnership with South East Asia team from sport and esports Team.
  • Build more features on platform
  • Sign major sponsorship and partnership with leading organization
  • Become a know player in rapidly pool market platform
  • Build partnership with top 10 mobile games, so we can read all their data and make instant game competitions
  • Build a personal blockchain fork from Solana. To make transactions even faster in SouthEast Asia.